Small Business Administration Backed Financing

A program for All Small Businesses The Patriot Express is included in this workshop

Speaker: Ray Graves

An Overview of Programs and Processes covering SBA’s Patriot Express program for Veterans, Community Advantage, Export and General financing for small businesses.
Speaker: Ray Graves, Lender Relations Specialist, U.S. Small Business Administration

How to Follow Up After the Matchmaker

Speaker: Rich Delisio

The Small Business Procurement Specialist will explain the value and realistic expectations of attending Matchmaking events. To process and develop a sound approach after the event, the focus needs to begin with building resources, relationships and a strong belief in Las Vegas odds.

How to Build Effective Capability Statements

Speaker: Jane Stewart

A Capability Statement is an essential element of a company’s marketing strategy. This workshop will arm you with the information needed to create and use a Capability Statement. Get noticed and set your company apart from the competition.

OSHA Recordkeeping

Who should attend

Individuals responsible for OSHA recordkeeping within a company  with more than 10 employees

Speaker: Scott Turner

You will learn:

Attendance meets eligibility requirement for one external meeting credit for BWC Safety Council Rebate Program.

Building Safety and Health Teams

Who should attend

Company owners, managers and supervisors, safety and health managers, safety consultants, labor leaders and any individuals who are responsible for ensuring  the success of developing or facilitating safety teams

Speakers: Natalie Reno and Jennifer Lingafelter

You will learn:

Attendance meets eligibility requirement for one external meeting training credit for BWC Safety Council Rebate Program.

Access to Capital – All Things Financial – Helping you Start and Sustain your Business

SpeakersMarlon MooreDan FischerCraig Larsen and Charles Burkett, Jr.

OVERVIEW: If you are seeking to start your business, grow internationally, and/or effectively manage risk, Huntington can help. This workshop will cover the financial aspects of starting and growing your business while identifying business risks, whether related to property, other assets or people. In this ses-sion, representatives from Huntington Bank will be prepared to discuss all things financial for workshop attendees.

Oil and Gas Industry—How Businesses Can Get Involved

Speaker: Charlie Dixon

This workshop will discuss the economic impact of the shale play in Ohio and the importance of the existing oil and gas industry in Ohio, and workforce training initiatives that are taking place.

Ohio Employee Ownership – The Viable Option of Selling Your Business to Your Employees

Many businesses owners have not understood that there is an option to sell their company to their employees as an exit strategy at or prior to retirement. There are over 10,000 employee-owned companies in the United States and most of them are a result of the business owner selling some or all of the shares to employees. A sale of some or all of the shares of a business operation could result in significant tax advantages to the owner and the operating business. This session will provide a background on employee-ownership, highlight good business candidates for transition to employee ownership, potential tax benefits, and identify the major steps and timeframes in such a transaction.

Speaker: Roy Messing

Attendee takeaways:

Navigate Global Compliance

Presented by APB & Associates, Inc.

Speakers: Andre Bryan, James Morrow, Phillip Golden

Global compliance issues are fast becoming a major concern for multinational enterprises spanning virtually every industry and affecting their entire supply chain, from raw material and finished goods manufacturing to transportation, distribution, and retail.

This APB workshop will review the following critical supply chain issues:

Key takeaways from workshop:

How to Do Business with the State

Speakers: Traci Pinkney, Marlene Chukes, Jermaine Brooks, Shavonna Neal

This workshop focuses on how to provide goods and services to the State of Ohio, with an emphasis on working as a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). Using reference materials such as the state procurement website, participants will gain an understanding of how to contract with the State of Ohio and how to effectively utilize the MBE program. Presenters: Representatives from the Ohio Department of Administrative Services and the Ohio Lottery Commission.

You will learn: