What if you could do a year’s worth of business prospecting in one day, would you do it?

Matchmaker Sold Out

Due to your overwhelming support, we have sold out of available spots in the matchmaker. General admission and exhibitors spaces are still open for registration.

Normally, it would take you up to a year to meet, arrange and connect with all the buyers you’ve always wanted to do business with—but with the Global Business Connection’s Matchmaker, do it in one day!

You’ll meet with companies such as Honda of America Mfg., Inc., Kent State University, Dominion East Ohio, FirstEnergy Corp., Rockwell International and other local, national and global corporations.

Those corporations and many more will be in one place, ready to meet with you during The Global Business Connection Matchmaker, and all you need to do is register, attend, and spend 15 minutes for each appointment scheduled.

Just imagine the time, money, travel and energy you’ll save!

Sign up for the Matchmaker today and meet the local, national, and global corporations you want to do business with tomorrow!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate?

Companies can participate by registering in advance and selecting the “I am interested in participating in the matchmaker-prompt” (on-site registration available but not recommended).

Who can attend the matchmaker?

Any company registered to attend the conference can attend the matchmaker based on availability.  There may be limited walk-in appointments.  However, if you register to attend ahead of time, you will be required to keep that appointment.  Appointments are non-transferable.

Can I register in advance for a match?

Yes.  When you register for general admission to the conference there is a section that asks whether or not you want to participate in the matchmaker. There, you will be asked to provide additional information which will help us with matching you properly with participating companies.

How long are the appointments?

Each appointment will last 15 minutes with a 5 minute intermission.  This time allows you to get to your next appointment and allows the corporations to finalize notes taken during your meeting and to prepare for the next.

How many appointments will I receive?

Appointments will be assigned based on a potential match with corporations, buyers or government entities.  You will not be able to self-determine your match.  Matches will be made by committee based on the information you provide when registering.  Each participating supplier will receive an appointment schedule summary.

Who is expected to attend?

The person most knowledgeable about the company’s products and or services should attend the matchmaker.

How are matching appointments made?

You will be matched according to your products and services offered to a corporation, buyer or government entity who also has identified the same.

Will I be awarded a contract during the event?

It is unlikely that contract awards will be made during the event; however, there is always a potential that follow-up appointments can be made which can lead to an opportunity to bid on a contract as a result of attending the matchmaker.

Can I register on site for a matching appointment?

Yes, there will be an option to select that you want to participate in the matchmaker.  Please be sure to complete all required information.

What if I need more time, can I stay longer during my appointment?

No.  Each 15-minute appointment has been established with all corporations, buyers and government entity’s, therefore, there may be an opportunity for a follow-up meeting if the buyer needs more time—they will make that determination (most likely at a later date).

Are there real opportunities available during these appointments?

Buyers are encouraged to come to the table with current opportunities.  However, there are times when future opportunities exist that you may also be considered for.

What will the company ask me during the match making appointment?

Depending on the type of corporation, buyer or government entity you’re meeting with, there will be questions pertaining to your capabilities and past experience supplying your product or service.  You should also be able to speak to how your product and or service match their needs.

What if I only want to attend the matchmaker portion of the conference is there a fee associated with the matchmaker?

There is only one option to attend the conference—general admission.  This allows you full conference access including the matchmaker.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the matchmaker?

You may contact our GBCC Matchmaker Chairperson, Veronica Cook-Euell, at matchmaker@theglobalbusinessconnection.com with your questions.

What type of companies are you looking for to participate in the matchmaker?

We are looking for companies that provide an array of goods, services, construction, information technology, utilities, automotive, manufacturing, hospital etc.

What if I want to follow-up after the matchmaker, will you provide me with the names and contact information of the representatives attending the matchmaker from each company?

There will be a directory of participants provided only to suppliers registered in advance for the matchmaker and who attended all scheduled appointments.

What if I am unable to attend after I have registered for the matchmaker event?

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please notify us 5 days in advance of your change in attendance by emailing the Matchmaker Chairperson, Veronica Cook-Euell at matchmaker@theglobalbusinessconnection.com